Our Vacation Trips

...as Written by Dallas James Ballmer
Last Updated 06-02-16

This is as good as it gets...

A fine family and a beautiful day...
to go with many wonderful memories...
Join us as we share some with you.

May they both rest in peace...



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This is Dallas and Dawn Ballmer

Alton & Marie Richard

Dallas and Betty Ballmer

May they both rest in peace...

Dr. Cameron Lind and Vernelle Olson Seger

May they both rest in peace...


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Our Vacation Trips
Trips 2

Hurricane Isaac   2012

Phoenix with Marlee
May 2016
Scottsdale, Grand Canyon, Antelope Canyon
And much more
Thumbprint presents
The Romantic Rhine
Avalon-Tranquility II

Mom's Memorial

Holidays Our Morgan Spa
Our Sunroom
Brou Movie Dad's Memorial

Dallas' Resume
Brou Family Information   Gatherings of Families
& Friends
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The Brown Recluse Why schools require shirts to be tucked in... Innocence is Priceless Rhonda's Wedding and
Shower 2006
Eric and Sarah's Wedding
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